Films 2013

I started keeping a list of all the films I watched this year. It’s quite a lot! Watching Charlie Chaplin films at the start of the year is what revived my interest in all things old and now I have a huge list of films I still want to watch.

  1. The Great Dictator 
  2. Modern Times 
  3. City Lights 
  4. The Kid 
  5. Gold Rush 
  6. Gone with the Wind 
  7. The General 
  8. It 
  9. Singin in the Rain 
  10. All About Eve 
  11. Limelight 
  12. Sunset Boulevard 
  13. Sullivan’s Travels
  14. Manhattan 
  15. Annie Hall 
  16. The Philadelphia Story 
  17. Bringing Up Baby 
  18. Queen Christina 
  19. Grand Hotel 
  20. Little Women 
  21. Roman Holiday 
  22. King Kong
  23. Adam’s Rib 
  24. Ninotchka 
  25. Baby Face 
  26. The Circus 
  27. Stage Door 
  28. My Man Godfrey 
  29. Anna Christie [German Version] 
  30. Rebel Without a Cause
  31. Mildred Pierce
  32. Sylvia Scarlett
  33. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
  34. It Happened One Night
  35. Holiday
  36. The Birth of a Nation
  37. The Sheik
  38. Flesh and the Devil
  39. A Bill of Divorcement
  40. The Son of the Sheik
  41. 7th Heaven
  42. Kramer vs. Kramer
  43. The Grapes of Wrath
  44. Le Voyage dans la Lune
  45. Go West

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