Henna: Part I


Today I am henna-ing my hair! I’m currently covered in poo or Lush Caca Rouge to be precise which is wrapped in clingfilm and covered with a pink hat. It has been quite an experience so far. At first I made the mixture too thick so it was literally like mud. After wrestling with the mud on a quarter of my hair I realised if I kept going, I’d run out of mixture so I had to dilute the rest with more water. Because of that I’m a little concerned that the colour won’t be even (Aghhh). Before I started I thought I’d do everything nice and neat and section my hair off so everything was evenly spread. Pffff…after 5 minutes I looked like I was in one of those sexy mud fights. I just slopped it on the best I could.


Anyway, I hoping my hair will turn out like Ygritte from Game of Thrones. I know it’s going to be ginger because I did a strand test. I was actually hoping for a deeper red but it’s not going to happen with my natural dark blond hair colour. I’ll do another blog post with the results (unless it’s absolutely horrendous O_O) but that will probably be tomorrow because I can’t wash it off until after 8pm tonight!


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