Katharine Hepburn and the monkey

katharine hepburn monkey

I love the stories of strange publicity stunts in early Hollywood. Greta Garbo was shoved into a lion’s cage and Katharine Hepburn was handed a monkey to carry around for a few days. In the early 1930s, the studio RKO was planning on having Ms. Hepburn star in a film adaptation of the novel Three Came Unarmed. The book was about three people who had grown up in the jungle of Borneo who are transported to the English seaside. Naturally, Katharine had to show the press she was a friend of all exotic creatures and born to play the part. The film never went into production but at least the strange moment was captured on camera. According to the caption in the image below, the “charming little gibbon” was a “notorious woman-hater”. Oh dear…

katharine hepburn monkey

The daughter of a suffragette and a misogynist monkey were never going to be a match made in heaven.


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