Transitioning from Modern to Vintage: Starting Small

It’s a bit tricky when you realise that you would like to move to a more vintage look. If you have a wardrobe full of modern clothes, only the bravest and wealthiest can afford to replace everything at once. The rest of us have to be patient and “make it work”. So I decided to make a list of small ideas or habits to adopt to gradually transform into vintage goddess.

Experiment with vintage hair styles – Vintage hair styles may require more time but it certainly doesn’t cost much to get started. With just some bobby pins you’re already on your way. You can also speed things up with curling irons or by choosing a quick updo.


Wear lipstick everyday – It’s a cheap way to add a vintage touch to your look.

lipstick, life

Find a vintage style icon – This will help you pinpoint your style for when you end up going shopping. Choose someone you could imagine living your life and with a similar body shape to you. 

rita hayworth

Wear stockings and garters instead of tights/pantyhose – A simple habit to change.

Bettie Page

Start with accessories – With accessories you needn’t worry about fit, which is great! A string of (fake) pearls, some vintage brooches or a 1950s bag is a risk free purchase. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to work into a modern gal’s wardrobe.

elizabeth taylor pearl necklace

Take up vintage hobbies – A hobby like knitting has two advantages. One, you learn a new skill, two, you might end up knitting yourself a new wardrobe! Other options: dressmaking, embroidery, crochet, quilting, listening to old radio recordings, collecting antiques.

knitting pattern

Cook with vintage recipes – Try Vintage Recipes for some ideas or check out Charlotte’s Domestic Goddess tag at Tuppence Ha’penny for her experiences of cooking from old recipes.


If all else fails hold your head up high and wear a smile. – If the rain flattens your hair, your hat blows off and you misplace your vintage bag, remember when stripped of your vintage regalia, it’s your attitude and the way you treat other people that make the biggest impact.

audrey hepburn unicef


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