First time pin curls…

Yesterday I decided to have a go at pin curls. I rounded up all the bobby pins I could find and checked out a few tutorials. With Rita Hayworth’s flowing curls in mind, I set to work curling and pinning. Hmm…this turned out to be less simple than I thought….

pin curls

Tip 1: always use a mirror when curling xD

So I did my best to rectify the situation, adding another thousand pins to tame the unruly ends. My hair takes ages to dry so I ended up spending the best part of a day like this and then sleeping with them in too.

Sleeping with the pins in wasn’t actually as painful as a thought it would be. They also stayed in place over night. In the morning I unpinned, expecting strange results.

pin curl

More of a pin wave than a pin curl

And then I brushed…

pin curls

It’ll do!

I wasn’t quite sure what I make of it at first but considering the state of my pinning in the first picture, I think it turned out ok. But practise makes perfect!


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