Schiaparelli x Dalí

salvador dali, elsa schiaparelli, 1930s

In the 30s Elsa Schiaparelli collaborated with Salvador Dalí on a number of designs.

schiaparelli, dali, hat

The Shoe Hat, part of a 1937/38 collection, was based on a picture his wife Gala had taken of him with a slipper balanced on his head.

schiaparelli, dali, lobster

The Lobster Dress, also made in 1937.

skeleton dress, schiaparelli, dali

The Skeleton Dress from the 1938 Circus Collection with padded ribs and spine.

tears, schiaparelli, dali

The Tears Dress from the same Circus Collection. The dress is supposed to look like inside out torn animal flesh with the fur falling through the tears. I appreciate that this was made 80 years before Lady Gaga’s meat dress but even in this century it’s certainly not going to go down well at your grandma’s birthday party. I’ll stick with polka dots for now.


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