Vintage and the ability to choose

What I think draws me to vintage is not just the pretty gowns,  flowing curls and lipstick, but the element of rebellion. If you take your inspiration from the last century of fashion you are no longer limited to the fashions of today. Modern clothes shops seem to focus on passing trends leaving you limited to your choice of styles. One example is the prevelance of skinny jeans. Try looking for wide legged pants in a store and you’ll be lucky to find one or two. Even bootleg jeans or trousers can be hard to come by.

Vintage can be empowering, allowing you to wear what you have in your mind instead of what you find in stores. It shows us how fleeting hemline lengths and silouettes are, allowing us to pass on current trends which we know will also eventually become vintage.

More importantly we can better evalute current values if we know what was important to our grandparents and great-grandparents. We can appreciate what is good about current society and attempt to change the bad.

So be a rebel like Katharine and wear what makes you feel good.

katharine hepburn


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